The Choice

Today I was at my desk listening to a conversation between one of our trainers and one of our clients.   The client was complaining that she just turned 55.  No longer was she in her “early 50’s”.  The trainer told her how jealous he was of her because she was now in a race category to be the youngest of racers (runners/ cyclists) as the age group she could doably compete in is ages 55-75.  She would be the “youngest in her league”.  Our trainer on the other hand who is 52 has to race against 35 year olds!  (if you knew him, you’d realize he is still an athlete to be reckoned with!) They had a good laugh about that but then it took a slightly more serious tact.  The trainer suggested that she (the client) start training not as though she is 55 going into her grave, but as a 55 year old woman who will live her life in order to be fitter and healthier in her early 60’s than she is now.  She was fired up and inspired to begin her late 50’s as a healthier woman than she was when she walked through our door.

 Often, we are given the opportunity to take stock in our choices and (as you’ve heard me say before) “course correct”.  It’s truly up to us and only us to make the choice to just live, or live our best!