What is the difference between being motivated and being committed?

For the last several years, I have been asking our clients this question in relation to their nutrition, health and fitnessgoals.  I've received a huge variety of answers.  What I realized, is there is no "right" answer to this; but straight across the board, each person realized there is a distinct difference.   How many times have you been motivated to quit drinking coffee, or get on a walking or training program?  Think about that fire that lights you up and makes you switch to green tea and gets you out of bed in the morning in order to make it to Wednesday's boot camp. 

Somewhere, somehow, after a couple days, Peet's coffee starts calling your name and the excuses start coming in to play of why you can't make your next workout.  Something happens between the moment of motivation and the dedication (or decline) of commitment!

Take some time and think about your next goal (or maybe the same one you've been reigniting over and over).  Think about what motivated you to start and why you haven't stayed committed. 

Then think about what goal you stayed committed to and recognize what the difference is or was. 

 This is a powerful realization because it can take you from staying in that state of wanting to actually doing.