As trainers, we help our clients to gain physical strength. But have you ever stopped to think about the other kinds of "strength" that training requires? By definition, "strength" means force; power; vigor; durability and intensity. We all know that by lifting weights and doing cardio exercise, we can attain these physical attributes. But what about the more important type of strength required to get through life--the mental and emotional strength we draw upon each and every day to suit up and show up and play in the game of life?

For me, I've realized after years and years of endurance training that physical strength eventually comes somewhat easily. It's not a smart/stupid issue--if I put in the miles, I'll usually be strong enough to go the distance. But that's a finite measurement. What I've grappled with is drawing upon the inner strength required of me to go to any lengths to attain what I want. Recently, I've made the decision to use my physical training as a paradigm for my emotional and mental training--just keep putting one foot in front of the other, do the homework and eventually I'll get to where I need and want to go. But this requires faith and knowing I have enough power, durability and intensity to go the distance. Never, ever give up.

I often play a game with myself--which requires more strength? To go one more time around the block to make sure I get my hour run in? Or to know that physically I can do it, but mentally it's more of a challenge to say that 57 minutes is enough...for today. Because next time this same exercise may require me to be physically strong instead of mentally strong--I'm tired, but can I push myself just a little bit further? Each time is different. And each example requires a different type of strength. It's up to me to have a level of self-honesty that tells me which to draw upon on any given day...

Lately I've taken to wearing an amulet around my neck that has one word on it, "STRENGTH." It reminds me that every day I have the opportunity to teach myself and my clients that we are far stronger than we will ever know...but we have to believe.  

This was written by one of Body Firm's trainers, Stacia Carney!  She reads the Wednesday Wellness each week and responded with this beautiful email...I found it very inspiring and wanted to pass it on!  Have a strong week!