To Be Physically Healed Takes Mental Healing

As many of you might have read last week, I had an accident which has "slowed me down" for a few weeks to say the least! I've noticed through this experience that patience and mindset are two major factors in the process of healing, learning, and growing. This isn't just about the body healing in a physical way, there's a mental process of healing when "life's obstacles" come in to play.

How about the person, who has been on a diet for a month or two, seeing some progress, then get's extremely stressed at work, gets back to old eating habits and some of the weight comes back on.  Does this person give up because it's just too hard? Or do they become patient with the process and respect the fact that true habits will take commitment, patience and determination in order to change?

Or how about the person who at one point had a great paying job, spent every last cent on wants (in addition to needs) and then loses their job.  Now becoming financially upside down in less than a couple months.  Does this person turn towards desperate measures, feel devastated, depleted, and give up? Or does this person heal mentally, learn, grow and find a way to change their life somehow, someway with a positive and patient mindset?

Another example might be the person who is a professional cyclist, gets cancer and has the choice to give up his profession and wonder when he will die or does this person make up his mind he will beat cancer and beyond that, he will become one of the (if not, THE) best cyclist in history?

What happens when we heal not only physically but mentally?  What happens when we slow down just long enough to stay positive and respect the process we are going through?  We become someone new who can appreciate the lesson and create changes which could benefit our health and well being for a lifetime!

I hope this can give you the strength to slow down long enough when you need to mentally AND physically ramp back up!