Cool Apps: Puts Expense Management In Gear

Do you have "The Shoebox"? Or, at least, something similar. A box, a drawer, a really big, old boot in which you stuff each and every receipt, note about business expenses and all manner of other scraps of paper designed to send your accountant into cardiac arrest. Normally, Cool Apps gives you information about some great new tech tool that you can use to generate new business. Today, we're going to talk about something that will help you manage current business, so that you can spend more time working with and paying attention to your clients.


 ExpenseBay is an entirely new kind of expense management system. What makes it so different? Well, for starters, it couldn't be easier. Simply sign up, and enter the credit cards that you use for business transactions. ExpenseBay will download all of your transactions, categorize them, and place them in the right expense reports. (How does it know?)

 But wait ... there's more!

About that shoebox full of receipts. With ExpenseBay, that box's time is done. You can scan your receipts and email the images to your ExpenseBay account. The system will sort them and make sure they are categorized properly. Even cooler, if you have an iPhone (yeah, there's an app for that), simply take a snapshot of your receipt and the image will be entered into your weekly expense report. Enter cash transactions with just a few clicks. Add notes, so you don't forget important details. Oh, and it's free.

You're a busy agent. You have clients to take care of, your own business to nurture. Managing expenses shouldn't give you palpitations or have you looking to hide your head in the sand. You don't have time for stress like that. ExpenseBay will make it easy to get it all in gear, and your accountant will thank you for it.

And you can use that shoebox for shoes.