Respecting the Nature of Nature

About a week and a half ago,  I was happily riding my bike up in Tahoe and while going down one of the easiest trails I've been on I went from chatting with my girlfriend to flipping through the air, landing on my knees and face and having my bike flip over me.  I don't know why I fell and I really don't remember how I hurt myself so badly, but I am bruised all over. Of course I have run through the mindset of how lucky I am that nothing was broken and how much worse so many others have it.  I am thankful that in time, I will be up and "running", and of course I am grateful that I still am excited to ride!

What I have spent a lot of time thinking about is WHY I fell.  I lost my focus.  I was thinking about what I was going to do later in the day and talking with my friend.  I lost respect for the nature of nature and the intensity of the sport I was practicing.

When we (I) go for a ride, workout, hike, water ski, river rafting, or anything we do during the summer, it's important to think about the conditions of the trail, water, and terrain.  We need to focus on the way our body is moving, where there might be boulders and rocks, if there are other people around who might get in our path, etc.

Take great respect for nature and for the bodies we have worked hard to keep healthy.  Take a pause to focus on what you are doing and how you are doing it and keep your eye on the event!

As another "nugget" from this experience, I realize that although I don't remember how I fell, I realize (based on where my bruises are) that I basically hit almost every body part!  What's cool is although I have bruising, I realize I must've been pretty darn flexible to survive without anything broken!  Now I am ever so grateful for all those yoga classes and core workouts!  I'm sure they saved me weeks of recovery!!