Overcome Your Negative 'Self-Talk'

Twice in the last week I have heard the same variation of how to feel good about ourselves.  You see, so often it is easy for our "self talk" to negate the good things we do.    We get a compliment about something we did and we immediately think "yes, but, I wish I could've finished it sooner..." or we lose a pound and think "I still need to lose 10 more"... or we run a mile and think "I need to go faster and farther"... So a practice which was suggested to me was every time we hear a small negative voice pop in our head, immediately we offer 3 positive affirmations about something which is positive and good about ourselves.  What will eventually happen is the positive affirmations will overcome the negative talk and in time, we will be over come with only thinking uplifting and productive thoughts!

Try this! You might find yourself coming up with affirmations every 10 minutes, but you will be amazed and the way you will feel at the end of your day.