Intero Cool Apps: Create your own online magazine with Issuu

issuu-logoMaking the move from print to digital marketing is challenging for most of us. But here's a tool that makes it a lot easier. Issu allows you to create a compelling online "magazine" from any document or pdf file. You simply upload your file and Issuu automatically converts it into a display that can be searched, zoomed or paged through just like a magazine.

You can then embed your magazine in your website or blog with a simple copy and paste. Visitors can easily view or share your magazine.

Click here to view a short video explaining Issuu.

Click here to see how an agent in North Carolina used issue for a listing brochure.

How to use Issuu:

There are lots of uses, but here are a couple quick ideas:

  • Highlight your use of Issuu in your listing presentation as a way of explaining how you merchandise listings in an innovative way.
  • Upload key real estate forms to Issuu for clients to review more easily during the transaction.

And the best thing of all? Issuu is completely free for most uses!