Intero Cool Apps: Makes Email Marketing Fun & Easy

mailchimpMany Realtors have come to realize that email campaigns are a great way to communicate to a community about their business. Yet often they are produced unsuccessfully with broken links, broken photos, broken attachments, and some simply just don't look good. It shouldn't be this hard, email campaigns are a very simple method of marketing and deserve a simple solution. So that is exactly what we found.

They may have a funny name, but this application doesn't monkey around, it really works. It's a do-it-yourself email marketing tool with powerful email marketing features. Often Realtors spend big money on tools similar to what MailChimp offers, yet MailChimp makes them simple and affordable (and a little fun).  Design beautiful emails with user-friendly customizable templates. Easily import your existing email list with a copy, past, and click. Simple graphs help you evaluate your email campaigns so you can see who opted-in, bounced, and unsubscribed. Also you can track who opened, what they clicked, how many times people forwarded your email, and even peak at who didn't open it.

MailChimp is a free program for campaigns with 100 subscribers or less, yet for only $10 (the first pricing tier) upgrade to send up to 500 subscribers. You can choose a pay-as-you-go plan or a monthly plan - both have tiered pricing based on how many email recipients (or subscribers) are on your list. We like it so much here at Intero we use it with our very own Monday Morning Mojo, Intero Insider, and Cool Apps email campaigns.

Overall, we've found MailChimp as an easy way to get out a reliable professional email campaign. So go bananas and add this tool to your next marketing campaign, getting a message that truly represents YOU in front of your target audience with ease.