Intero Cool Apps: Mind-blowing property videos made easy

animoto-the-end-of-slideshowsIt's hard to merchandize a listing these days in a way that will impress sellers and present a compelling picture to buyers. Animoto, a new application that turns ordinary digital photos into astonishingly good "videos," gives you a new weapon in your marketing arsenal.

You can view a sample and watch a video on how it works here.

All you need to do to create an Animoto video is upload photos from your computer. If you want music to go with your video, you can choose from a large selection of tracks. Animoto will then analyze your photos and music and automatically create a video that's totally unique. No two Animoto videos are the same.

You can then email your video, or embed it in your website or blog.

Animoto is free for unlimited short videos. If you want to do longer videos, or want to create DVD quality presentations, the fee is $249 per year. But in most cases, you'll find the free version does the trick.

Now go dazzle some sellers!