Intero Cool Apps: makes online collaboration easy... for free!

drop_io_logo_blogjpg-jpeg-image-496x356-pixels1This week's Cool App: How many times have you tried to email a document to a client that was so large it never left your outbox? How many hours did you spend last year standing over a fax machine?, a new online file sharing and collaboration tool, dispenses with those problems completely.

Here's how it works: Go to (yes, weird web address - there's no ".com," just ".io") and follow the steps to create a "Drop." A Drop is a place online - essentially a small website - to which you can upload documents, photos, movies and more.

Once you upload your files, you can share your Drop with everyone or set up a password and grant only selected people access. You and your viewers can comment on every file in your Drop and can, if you like, share them on Facebook, Twitter and other online communities.

How to use in your real estate business

You can probably see the practical applications already, but consider these ideas:

  • Set up a Drop for every transaction as a central hub for all your vendors and your clients
  • Let clients make comments and ask questions about documents and disclosures online
  • Create a Drop for photos, flyers and videos of a listing; advertise the Drop's web address in your marketing

The bottom line is completely free for Drops up to 100 megabytes (this is enough for most real estate related purposes). If for some reason you need more space, you'll pay a small fee.